UX Management and Innovation

UX Management

I was the UX Manager for Mobile Display UX team from June 2012-May 2013. This team was responsible for the design of Google's in-app and mobile web display formats, AdMob, Google Web Designer and the Mobile Ads Showcase App. In addition to career counseling and weekly one-on-ones with team members, I led regular design reviews for the team and spearheaded game-storming sessions and design sprints with the team.

Design Sprints

In December 2012, I suggested that Google should have an 'innovation week' promoting out-of-the-box thinking and cross-team collaboration. This idea snowballed and eventually became ‘Sprint Week’. This became the largest design sprint in Google history with 18 teams, 100 participants, 5 days, 122 user feedback sessions, 1110 sketches and 265 mocks and prototypes. During the week I acted as an MC and Sprint Master overseeing four of the 18 teams.
In more detail

About Dave

Dave is a lead mobile designer at Google in Mountain View, California. He is currently working on a suite of touch-based products for Google Analytics. Dave been with Google for two years and in that time he has spearheaded the design of Google Web Designer and AdMob Reporting.

Prior to Google, Dave ran his own creative agency in Boulder, Colorado where he designed mobile apps and web platforms for a broad range of startups such as Qwiki and Recargo.

Born in England, Dave now lives in Menlo Park with his wife Cyndi and their two sons, Simon and Thomas. In addition to being an engaged father, Dave is an avid outdoorsman. He is a certified NOLS Outdoor Educator and Wilderness First Responder. He has backpacked across the Absarokas in Wyoming, hiked the Grand Canyon and ridden the Triple Bypass. Dave is an accomplished photographer and expert mountain biker and snowboarder.